G410 Is PING’s Longest, Most Forgiving Driver

Gene Parente

Gene Parente

Top Club Tester In Industry

The PING G410 driver is the next in the company’s G400 series. Last year’s model, the G400 Max, introduced claims from the company of the highest moment of inertia (MOI) in a PING driver ever. This increased MOI resulted in more resistance to twisting, which leads to greater forgiveness for straighter shots.

The G410 has continued this design, and it has added more customizable weighting to alter the center of gravity. The G410 introduces DragonFly technology, which PING claims strengthens the crown, and coupled with a thinner face, results in increased ball velocity. They’ve also added trajectory tuning, an adjustable hosel for loft and lie angle and a new counterbalanced shaft technology that transfers more energy into the head at impact. 

Getting a complete overall performance picture of the club by using a nine-point contact regiment, the G410 had an increase in ball velocity over the G400 Max of 1 mile per hour more across all nine contact points. The G410 also had a 1 mile per hour increase in clubhead velocity even though the stock shaft in the club was five grams heavier than the G400 Max.

While the spin rates in the two drivers were similar, the G410 launched about a degree lower than the G400 Max, which resulted in a lower shot shape that will give the player more rollout and increased distance on firm fairways. 

Both drivers delivered very tight dispersion patterns, with the G410 tightening the heel-to-toe dispersion pattern by 2.4 yards thanks to a better return to center on toe hits. 

Overall, the G410 had an increased ball and club velocity, launching slightly lower with a similar spin rate. The G410 would be beneficial for a golfer looking for increased ball speed while also having more forgiveness on mishits. 

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