Loosen Up Your Stiff Shoulders

Gary Gray

Gary Gray

SwingU Master Faculty, Functional Golf Fitness & Training Expert

I call Medterra’s CBD Rapid Cooling Cream the golfer’s best friend. What makes this so special is that it has potent natural ingredients, including the most potent of all natural ingredients: CBD.

Immediately after you put some Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream on your shoulders, you can feel the problem area positively impacted. In order to try and get a good range of motion in our shoulder, you’re going to do a simple forward lunge with each foot while holding onto the club and stretching out your shoulder forward and back.

From there, you’ll adjust to lateral lunges with the golf club over top of our heads, pulling from side to side. And finally, working on the transverse plane, hold the club at shoulder height and step around the corner to stretch the shoulder in a different way.

The proper warm up — and eventually, the cooldown with some more cream on there — will help you to better enjoy your round of golf. 

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