Greens Staff Loses The Course For Thursday League

Club Pro Guy

Club Pro Guy

SwingU Master Faculty

Listen, nobody is a bigger fan of our head greenskeeper, Miguel Vega, and his team than I am, but the fact of the matter is they’ve lost the golf course. As a player who’s out on the course every week putting it all on the line, it’s disappointing.

A perfect example of the conditions was the seventh hole. The temporary green there is compacted clay, which is just like concrete, making it nearly impossible to get your ball to stop inside that spray-painted boundary for an auto two-putt.

To make matters worse, after I walked off the green, I turned back to see Miguel watering the green. I think even he was sensing that the course was getting away from him. 

Next up for me is just some time off to re-evaluate. I’m scheduled to do a clinic for at-risk teens on Monday, but I might blow that off to work on my game and get ready to be back out here in the league next week. 


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