How’d He Hit That: Mickelson’s Par-4 Near-Ace

Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley

SwingU Instructor

Welcome to this week’s episode of How’d He Hit That? where every week we take a look at an unbelievable golf shot and help you to learn how you can use that shot in your game. This week, SwingU instructor Josh Kelley is going to share a few tips gleaned from Phil Mickelson’s near-ace on a 353-yard par-4 that you can add to your game when you need to pick up a few more yards.

Mickelson said he made a few conscious adjustments that we can implement into our own games when we really want to pick up a few miles per hour of clubhead speed to add a little more distance to our drives. 

First things first, Mickelson had the ball teed nice and high to encourage an ascending blow on the ball. He also had the ball well up in his stance. 

Phil’s body movement — right before transition — was a key to adding distance to his tee shot. He tried to stand up on that lead leg while clearing his lead hip to use the ground to create more power. 

Next time you’re looking to unlock those extra few yards of carry, remember what Phil did last month at the CJ Cup. 


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