How’d He Hit That: The Tiger Woods Stinger

Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley

SwingU Instructor

Welcome to this week’s episode of How’d He Hit That? where every week we take a look at an unbelievable golf shot and help you to learn how you can use that shot in your game. This week, in honor of Tiger Woods winning his 82nd PGA Tour event, we’re going to show you how to hit the patented Tiger Stinger.

The stinger is a shot that’s really cool to watch and one that will always impress your buddies, but it’s eminently practical as well. If you’re playing in windy conditions or dealing with firm and fast fairways, this is a great shot to have in your arsenal. 

There are a few things that we need to do in our setup, in our swing and in our follow-through to help us hit that low, piercing ball flight. Despite what many think, your ball position should be more in the middle of your stance as opposed to the back of it. Instead of using ball position to keep the ball low, we’re going to utilize forward shaft lean and body rotation to hit the shot we have in mind.

The most important part of hitting the stinger is delofting the club, which means we’ll need to get our hands ahead of the ball at impact and we’ll do that mostly with body rotation. 

Lastly, Tiger preaches how his hands dictate the shot type. If he wants to go high, he wants his hands to finish high; if he’s going low, he wants his hands low. With this shot, we want to feel like our hands are finishing around our body and low.



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