Integrate A Post-Shot Routine Into Your Game

Dr. Joe Parent

Dr. Joe Parent

SwingU Master Faculty, Renowned Mental Game Coach

A lot of people have a pre-shot routine, but not nearly as many utilize the post-shot routine — how you respond to the result of your shot. 

If we categorize our shots into three categories — great shots, okay shots and real stinkers — we can tackle each individually.

After a great shot, reinforce confidence yourself with positive self-talk. After an okay shot, pick out some good parts of the swing you just made as opposed to what went wrong and then make a replacement swing.

Finally, when you hit a poor shot, you need to let yourself know that the swing you made wasn’t like you. Something got in the way of you making a good swing, but that doesn’t make you a bad player. Instead, erase and replace — forget what went wrong, make a good, positive swing and move on to the next shot. 

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