Keep It Simple When Chipping From Near The Green

Mark Blackburn

Mark Blackburn

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine Top-100, Golf Digest Top-50 in America, No. 1 in Alabama

Once we’ve gotten up close to the green, the difference between pitching and chipping is that the ball spends more time on the ground rolling like a putt when we chip whereas a pitch spends most its time in the air. With either shot, a lot of the same attributes apply to both types of shots.

You want your arc width the same throughout and you want to opt for a lower-lofted club, such as an 8-iron, so it doesn’t require as much energy to get the ball onto the green and rolling towards the hole. To optimize our turf interaction, we want the handle of the club high and uncocked with the ball position just front of center so that we can come into the ball very soft, shallow and consistently.

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