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Golfers are gear heads, equipment nerds and endless tinkerers, so when one of those late night infomercials comes on promising instant results after having a few drinks, we listen a little more intently and have a tendency to get a little click-happy online.

Watching the pros on television each week can make even the best amateurs yeard for better contact, but seeing Sergio Garcia win at the AT&T Byron Nelson elicits an even stronger desire. The lag in Garcia’s swing combined with the shaft lean he creates allows for such pure contact every time that we started looking for a training aid that would replicate that motion.

What we found was the Tour Striker, a modified pitching wedge or 7-iron that forces the player to deliver the club with forward shaft lean into impact. It’s unique design allows for the player to hit balls on the range with the training aid and get immediate feedback as to how well they are hitting it. With it’s rounded bottom, if you are not hitting down on the ball correctly, you’ll get squirrelly, thin shots shooting off in every direction.

The pitching wedge version of the club is recommended for beginner to intermediate golfers to groove their swing, while the 7-iron is designed to help the better player make more solid contact. Each is available for $89.99 or they can be bought together for $149.99.

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