M5 Is TaylorMade’s Most Tech-Loaded Fairway Wood

The TaylorMade M3 fairway woods introduced personalization through adjustability via a 29g sliding sole weight and a 12-position, 4° Loft Sleeve, but this year’s M5 fairway woods took fairway wood technology to the next level.

The 2019 TaylorMade fairway wood models are the first to introduce the company’s Twist Face technology outside of the driver. If you’re familiar with any of the other TaylorMade reviews, you know that Twist Face is an asymmetrical face that creates different bulge and roll characteristics that cause off-center hits to correct more to the centerline. 

Aside from the introduction of Twist Face into the M5 fairway, TaylorMade has included better materials for distance as well as ramped up the adjustability. A 65g movable steel weight allows for draw/fade adjustability and a more streamlined, 12-position Loft Sleeve allows for plus/minus 2° adjustability in loft. The customizable nature of the M5 is what sets it apart from its M6 fairway wood counterpart.

Getting a complete overall performance picture of the club by using a five-point contact regiment, the M5 fairway’s launch angle and spin were the two biggest changes that were noted in the club’s testing against the M3 fairway woods. The M5 fairway tested to a 2° higher launch angle while producing a 200 RPM less spin. 

This increased launch and decreased spin in the M5 resulted in a higher trajectory and a steeper angle of descent, but with the same carry and a slightly longer roll out than the M3 fairway.

With regard to off-center hits, the M3 and M5 fairways performed similarly on toe-hit shots — about 7 or 8 yards right of center — but the heel strikes on the M5 returned to center better than the M3. 

Overall, the M5 compares favorably to the M3 fairway in knowing that you can reach par-5 greens with relative confidence thanks to its high launch, steep angle of descent and less spin. It’s a great club for players looking for a higher ball flight, especially those who play with a draw bias. 

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