Meet Club Pro Guy – His Teaching Style

Club Pro Guy

Club Pro Guy

SwingU Master Faculty

With nearly 90,000 dedicated followers, Club Pro Guy is one of the most influential golf instructors in all of social media (@ClubProGuy). Unlike most top instructors who never sniffed tour longevity, CPG made more than a dozen cuts on the Mexican Mini-Tour over a 14-year career, including the famed Yucatan Masters and the prestigious Matamoros 4-Ball. He also holds the distinction of defending his 6,583rd position in the Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR) for 311 weeks. His astounding career culminated in 2003 when he was inducted into the Mexican Mini-Tour Golf Hall of Fame with the lowest percentage of votes of any other inductee in that tour’s history.

His proprietary 7-4-7 Swing Thought System® and his Stack and Jilt™ Short Game Plan have been widely panned in the industry for more than a decade, despite producing multiple net club champions.

“The golf swing is so incredibly complicated and difficult,” said Club Pro Guy. “I teach a system that focuses on body part awareness. There are over 600 muscles in the human body, and it’s critical that my students learn to be hyper-aware of where each muscle is during each and every phase of the golf swing. It’s not only an arduous and never-ending process, but it’s also an expensive one.”

In an effort to get to know this Mexican Mini-Tour legend better, here is part four of a seven-part series in which we get to really know what makes CPG tick.

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