Overcome Difficult Tee Shots

Dr. Joe Parent

Dr. Joe Parent

SwingU Master Faculty, Renowned Mental Game Coach

Every now and again, you’ll come across a tee shot that just doesn’t fit your eye. There may even be one on your home course. When you’re not comfortable, it’s not easy to commit to a target for aiming and lack of commitment leads to inconsistent results, which continues the cycle of being uncomfortable on that tee. 

To get more comfortable, imagine that you’re standing on your favorite tee box; one that you almost always feel confident about hitting a good drive. Standing behind the ball, pick a place in the fairway where you’d like the ball to land and aim in a way that accounts for your normal ball flight when you play from your favorite tee box.

After you set your club at address and take your stance, don’t look at the fairway again. Just imagine that what’s out there is the fairway that receives your favorite tee shot. 

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