PING G410 Crossover Hybrid Will Hold More Greens

Gene Parente

Gene Parente

Top Club Tester In Industry

Ping made some dramatic differences to the appearance to their G410 Crossover Hybrid Driving Iron in comparison with its predecessor, the G400. The G410 featured a much thinner sole and top line to give the club more of a players’ iron feel, which will be talked about in the test results.

The G400 was designed with face-flexing technology that was aimed at giving amateur players Tour-level height and distance without the perfect swing and contact of the pros you see on television.

The G410 looked to improve upon that performance with a tungsten toe weight for increased forgiveness and the more compact shaping of the clubhead allows for better gearing, which is designed to look more natural to a golfer’s eye than traditional hybrid clubs.

Getting a complete overall performance picture of the club by using a five-point contact regiment, the G410 proved to have faster ball speed and increased spin in the testing. This means that the launch was similar to the G400, but launched faster and went higher, which resulted in a steeper landing angle, good for holding greens from longer distance.

As for dispersion patterns, the G410’s toe pattern returned closer to center — about 2.5 yards right of centerline — as opposed to the G400, which went six yards left of center. As for heel hits, both models returned to the center and finished right of center by about six yards. 

Overall, the clubs performed relatively similar with the exception of the spin rate, which helped the ball to come down steeper and hold greens better. The G400’s shallower landing angle resulted in similar overall distance because of its rollout, but the G410’s distance was mostly carry because of the faster ball speeds.

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