Pull Off A Highly Technical Punchout

Club Pro Guy

Club Pro Guy

SwingU Master Faculty

Okay guys, we have a classic situation where I lost my tee ball a little to the right and ended up in Mary Anne Creiger’s kitchen. We caught two breaks: Mary Anne’s not home, and Miguel and his team still haven’t placed O.B. stakes on this hole, so technically we’re still in play. 

This situation calls for a highly technical punchout for two reasons: No. 1, it’s off a hardwood floor, which most of you guys probably don’t practice very often; and No. 2, our distance is only about 35 yards to get it back to the fairway, but we’ve got to go back through the window, so figuring out how hard to hit it is paramount because you don’t know how much the glass is going to take off of it.

This can be very tricky for amateurs. It’s really a feel shot.

As always, let’s get a wide base, put the ball back in your stance, just be athletic, and let it go. 


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