Stop Coming Up Short Playing From Uphill Lies

Similar to downhill lies, playing from an uphill lie presents two challenges: what’s the strategy; and what’s the execution. 

The strategy here is that even a ball that barely skims across the top of the grass going with the uphill slope is going up pretty good given the launch-pad like position that ball began in. As a result, you don’t need loft because the shot does it for you. If you have a 160-yard shot, add 10 yards to that total when you’re pulling a club.

From an execution standpoint, you first need to realize that the ball will go quite a bit higher, meaning you should take one or two clubs more, and understand the predominant ball flight will be left of our intended line. 

Don’t fight the hill by putting your weight into your front foot and into the hill; get your hips and shoulders parallel to the slope and swing with the hill.


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