TaylorMade’s M5 Maximizes Distance With Lower Spin

Gene Parente

Gene Parente

Top Club Tester In Industry

The TaylorMade M5 driver is the next generation of the previously-released M3 family of metalwoods. Introducing TwistFace Technology in the M3 and M4 drivers, TaylorMade claimed that their asymmetrical bulge and roll helped off-center hits return to the center line.

The M5 incorporates the popular TwistFace Technology as well as a clubhead that features an ultra-thin titanium face with a redesigned inverted cone technology. In addition, they introduced two red screws on the clubface that close internal support ports, which have variable amounts of injected resin to balance each head, giving every club a hot and fast driver head.  

Getting a complete overall performance picture of the club by using a nine-point contact regiment, the main takeaway was that the M5 has drastically reduced the spin on the driver by nearly 700 RPMs on center hits in relation to the M3. What this means is that this reduces the lift characteristics of the ball resulting in a flatter and longer ball flight in carry distance and total roll.

In terms of dispersion, both the M3 and M5 resulted in toe hits that went about 15 feet to the right while heel hits returned more to the centerline thanks to gear effect. 

Overall, the M5 is a driver that has similar launch and dispersion characteristics as the M3, but with a much lower spin rate that creates a flatter trajectory and provides a greater roll-out opportunity. 

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