The Club That Collects The Most Golf Bets

Club Pro Guy

Club Pro Guy

SwingU Master Faculty

People ask me all the time, “CPG, is there a golf club on the market today that truly moves the needle?”

They say, “Don’t waste my time and insult my intelligence with multi-million dollar marketing campaigns and famous endorsement deals. Just because you paid Notah Begay a gazillion dollars, that won’t help me get the ball airborne under the gun.”

They say, “I need a piece of equipment that will mask how unathletic I am.” They said, “I need a club that recognizes how uncoordinated I am.” They say, “I need a club that does the work, a club that hauls the load, a club that collects the bets.”

The answer is the Moon Wood. The Moon Wood is the first and only club in the history of the industry that injects actual simulated moon dust into the perimeter weighting modules. It’s literally space-age technology. 

For those that think this is a gimmick, it didn’t feel like a gimmick when I was nutting 60 straight balls into the net last night in my Learning Center. As any great instructor will testify, impact tape doesn’t have an agenda; it just shares its truth. 


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