Tour Edge HL4 A Perfect Hybrid For Slicers

Gene Parente

Gene Parente

Top Club Tester In Industry

Tour Edge introduced a redesigned hybrid with their Hot Launch 3 that was designed to help you escape from difficult lies. With the release of the HL4, Tour Edge was able to improve upon that redesign to create more distance while also correcting many amateur golfers’ biggest issue: slicing the golf ball.

The HL3 hybrid featured a high-toe head profile to produce an expanded sweet spot and a shallow Maraging steel face construction pairs with Variable Face Thickness technology to maximize power and performance on off-center strikes. The Power Channel behind the face amplifies ball speed and reduces spin for greater forgiveness and accuracy.

The HL4 features a thinner and lighter forged 17-4 stainless steel crown that provides faster club and ball speeds, while also featuring higher MOI properties, which is a consistent performance upgrade throughout the entire HL4 line. 

More weight in the sole of the HL4 Hybrid lowers the CG and raises MOI for optimal feel, launch and forgiveness. Cup Face technology combined with Variable Face Thickness technology provides greater distance from more contact points on the face that results in better off-center hit distance.

Getting a complete overall performance picture of the club by using a five-point contact regiment, the HL4 had a degree lower launch and 400 RPM lower ball speed, which resulted in a more penetrating ball flight and an increase in distance over the HL3. The ball flight had a lower peak trajectory and more roll out. 

When it came to dispersion, both the HL3 and HL4 have very tight patterns, but the new version had an improved gear effect on toe-hits, which brought the ball back across the center line eight yards to the left of center. Both clubs stayed about five yards left of center on heel hits. What this means is that golfers who tend to slice are given added room for error with its draw bias.

The overall player profile for the HL4 hybrid is a golfer who is looking for more distance out of their hybrid while also mitigating a slice. 

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