Tour Edge HL4 Driver Is Longer And More Forgiving

Gene Parente

Gene Parente

Top Club Tester In Industry

Tour Edge has ramped up its Hot Launch offering with the recent release of the HL4 driver, which outperformed its predecessor, the HL3, in one key metric for those golfers looking to maximize distance.

The HL3 featured a forged titanium head with cup face technology. It also featured variable face thickness technology that changed the way mass was applied to the face, which would give you different ball speed based up different contact points on the face. Lastly, the HL3 boasted an aerodynamic shape that was designed to increase ball speed.

In the HL4, a more sloped crown was developed to create what the company calls a “super-high MOI,” which allows for greater resistance to twisting on off-center hits. The HL4 also utilizes deep cup face technology for improved power and acoustics. Finally, the HL4 has a power channel behind the face that redistributes weight to the back of the clubhead as well as creating more clubface flex.

Getting a complete overall performance picture of the club by using a nine-point contact regiment, the HL4 stood out most impressively in the ball speed test, outperforming its predecessor by nearly 2 MPH of ball speed on average. 

The HL4 launched fractions higher and spun about 150 RPMs less than the HL3 resulting in an increase in carry and total distance. Given those similar launch conditions, the HL4’s shot shape was very similar to that of the HL3 and its dispersion pattern was slightly tighter.

Overall, the player profile for the HL4 is a player looking for an increase in distance while not giving up accuracy. In fact, if a player tends to hit balls on the heel of the club, this driver could be the answer to their prayers.  

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