Tour Edge’s HL4 A Long & Straight Fairway Wood

Gene Parente

Gene Parente

Top Club Tester In Industry

The Tour Edge HL3 fairway wood introduced a shallow Maraging steel face construction with Variable Face Thickness technology to maximize power and performance on off-center strikes. The Power Channel behind the face was designed to increase ball speed and reduces spin for even greater forgiveness and accuracy.

In this year’s edition, the HL4, the overall shape of the club has been adjusted to become more aerodynamic with a thinner and lighter forged steel crown for faster club and ball speeds. Tour Edge also added a rear sole weight in order to move the center of gravity deeper into the club to create a super-high moment of inertia. The club’s cup face design provides powerful contact from more points on the face. 

Getting a complete overall performance picture of the club by using a five-point contact regiment, the HL4 tested both with faster ball speed and with a lower launch, which resulted in a much longer carry and total distance.

Ball speed jumped by 1.5 miles per hour while the launch angle decreased by 1°, which created a penetrating ball flight that led to an increase in the distance.

The spin rate of the HL3 and HL4 were comparable. Similarly, the dispersion of the HL3 and HL4 didn’t waiver with toe hits staying about 10 yards to the right while heel hits returned to the centerline. 

Overall, the HL4 is perfect for the player who likes their HL3, but would like to see the ball take off slightly lower and go a little farther. 

If you’d like to test out the Tour Edge HL4 fairway wood for yourself before buying, get a 14-day trial with GlobalGolf’s Utry™ program, which allows you to select up to two brand new clubs at a time for only $25 each, or an iron set for $100. 

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