Work Your Pitch Shots Towards The Pin

Gary Gilchrist

Head Coach, Golf Digest Top 50 in America, Golf Magazine Top 100 in America

To hit a pitch shot with a fade, move the ball slightly forward in your stance. This allows your shoulders to open up, thus creating an out-to-in swing path. You can adjust your clubface position to determine the height you’d like to put on the shot.

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Since working with Gary’s team, I have lowered by score by 2 strokes on average. It’s tough when you’re a +1 to do that. Gary’s simple and fun understanding of the game makes it EASY to learn. The drills, video and use of his app make making a change in my swing simple and rewarding. His on course management made the game fun again for me. He also taught me that’s it’s OK to make a mistake and not take things too seriously.

Carey Carter

Orlando, FL