10 Great Food Options At The Masters

The Masters is known for a lot of things, but as a spectator on the grounds at Augusta National some things become abundantly clear: the bathrooms are almost too clean, the merchandise shop line moves faster than you’d expect, the grass looks like field turf and the food is unbelievably low-priced and actually pretty good.

We’re not going to get into the unbranded domestic, imported or craft beers that sell for $4 or $5 a piece — not bad! — this is strictly solids.

The food at Augusta National ranges in price from $1 all the way to $3, and you could buy everything on the menu for just $56. So with so many choices, all of which hardly make a dent in your wallet, how should you prioritize your eating schedule between watching golf shots?

We’ve got you covered. If you have $30 burning a hole in your pocket and find yourself at a Masters practice or tournament round, here’s a quick round-up of what’s available and why you should try it.

Pimento Cheese Sandwich


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Augusta National and pimento cheese sandwiches go together like Amen Corner and Sunday roars, you can’t have one without the other. The pimento cheese is the signature choice at Augusta and even if you’re not sure about the texture of the filling, the sandwich only costs $1.50. Live a little. 

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