10 Hilarious Golf Pranks

Golf has a way of bringing out the best in pranksters. Here’s look at 10 of the best golf-related pranks. 

Annoying Golf Ball Machine

The driving range ball dispenser prank is exactly easy to pull off, but it is hilarious to watch. Everybody has had one issue or another using one of these things, and most of the time it isn’t our fault. Usually it is a mechanical problem, however, this is some good old fashioned fun. The prankster keeps the golfers on their toes the entire time. Just when you think it is broke, a tidal wave of balls rushes out and they scramble to collect as many as they can. In the end, they realize they’ve been had! 

The video is courtesy of  “Just For Laughs: Gags,” which is a Candian hidden camera TV show based on the similar American series “Candid Camera”.

Smylie Kaufman vs. Fake Snake


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The fake snake prank is one of the oldest in the book, and it even works on Tour pros. Hey, they’re human too! Here’s Smylie Kaufman getting the full treatment when he gets back to his bag. 

European Tour’s Awkward Reporter

The European Tour has been on point with content and the pros are buying in. The result is some fairly hilarious material made even funnier because they are in fact the pros. Here is one that had us laughing the entire time when a fake reporter asked some absurd questions to the world’s best. 

Air Horn

The air horn on the golf course is on the Mount Rushmore of golf pranks. Here are a couple guys dressed in full camo rile up a few golfers with this timeless stunt. As you can imagine every time somebody swings, they blast the horn without fail. They even sneak their way out of the trees! Now that’s some pro pranking. 

Exploding Golf Ball 

Another timeless golf prank classic is the exploding golf ball. You can pick one of these up at your local golf shop and try it out with your buddies. However, we don’t suggest using it on a friend with a temper like this! 

Who is Louis Oosthuizen?

While this prank is tough to pull off because chances are you don’t have a major champion at your disposal, it still is fun to watch. Golf Digest had Louis Oosthuizen pose as an intern and did their version of “Jaywalking” asking random people to name golfers based on pictures Louis held up. Although things got awkward when he held a picture of himself up and nobody had an idea who he was. 

Not My Driver

Here’s a solid prank if you’re willing to sacrifice your driver. Normally people will throw a rock or another ball at somebody else mid-swing. Not these guys. They go full driver toss in the middle of this dude’s swing and the result was exactly what you’d expect.

Full of Balls

If you have a couple hundred golf balls lying around, this prank definitely should be on your list. These guys from a local radio station filled up their co-worker’s car to the brim so when he opened it, well, you get the idea! 

NFL QB meets Hissalot

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We go back to the old fake snake prank, but this one comes at the expense of NFL QB Brock Osweiler. For somebody in the NFL, he doesn’t seem like such a tough guy. Do yourself, get a fake snake and throw it in your bag because you have no idea when it could come in handy. 

Remote Control Car

Damn kids and their remote control cars! These two kids apparently crossed the line with this funny prank and their toy got the brunt of it. Not to mention they got chased on foot. Clearly, they messed with the wrong golfers on the wrong day. 


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