10 Prettiest Swings On Tour

A smooth, consistent, and powerful golf swing is poetry in motion. While some pros are world-class athletes born with near flawless swings, the majority have spent years grinding to make them as perfect as possible. As expected, practice does make perfect.

Here are 10 of the prettiest swings currently on Tour. 

Dustin Johnson

We get this list started with the current World No.1 Dustin Johnson. While you may not be 6-foot-4, DJ is and it’s one of his biggest assets. He uses his long arms and broad shoulders to create one of the most impressive turns on tour. This, plus the fact he bows his left wrist more than anybody maybe in the history of the game, generates unparalleled force as he comes down on the ball.

In 2016-17, he only averaged a measly 312 off the tee. which led the PGA Tour. He also hit 72 percent of greens in regulation, which you guessed it, also leads the Tour. There’s a reason why people consider him the most athletic guy out there.

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