10 Trick Shot Fails

Golf trick shots take skill, precision, and sometimes a little bit of luck. Unfortunately, you will find none of those on this list. From golf balls to the face to broken drivers, here are 10 hilariously awful trick shot bloopers. 

Fail Mickelson 

Phil Mickelson set one of the gold standard of trick shots when he perfected his patented backward flop shot. You know the one where he goes full swing with an open face lob wedge launching the ball skyward, and more impressively backward? Yeah, that one.

Ever since he showed the world his baby, people have been trying their best to replicate it.  While there are the few that can actually pull it off, the majority cannot, and when they don’t it usually isn’t pretty. Take this guy for example. He’s got the right idea with the setup, but the issue was the execution. Judging by the sound of glass shattering and the uncontrollable laughter. 

Somewhere Phil is giving this dude a thumbs down.

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