10 Truly Scary Golf Swings

Halloween can be a strange and scary time of year, especially when you embrace the season and seek it out.

While there is family fun to be had, we were looking for something that would truly scare us; things that make us cower and look away from our computer, tablet or smartphone; things that give us the goosebumps and make us shudder in our seat.

What we found was truly off-putting, but that’s what this time of year is all about, right?

Here, now, are 10 truly scary golf swings; swings so bad that we physically and verbally responded to seeing them.

Scroll on, if you dare. 



Any scary swing list worth its salt needs to enlist Sir Charles. But by this point, Barkley’s swing is like the Scream mask: it was terrifying at first, but now it’s just… there. Thanks for the initiation, Chuck, but we’ve got it from here.

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