Girls That Golf – August 8, 2019 – Page 7

Luiza Altmann

Luiza Altmann is a Brazilain born professional golfer currently competing on the Ladies European Tour as a rookie in 2018. The Penn grad has played Stateside on the Symetra Tour in the past, but has decided to ply her trade across the pond this year. Follow her life on and off the course by following her Instagram feed, @lulualtmann .

Amanda Balionis

Amanda Balionis works for Callaway Golf but also posts much of her content as a freelance sports reporter. As you might be able to tell, golf is her forte and she chooses to cover that almost exclusively, however, you might be able to spot her on NFL sidelines if you are in the California area. See more @balionis on Instagram.

Isabelle Shee

Isabelle Shee is a collegiate golfer for the University of California Riverside. She is early in her career, but she has shown a lot of promise and she’ll be a name to keep in the back of your mind as her game progresses. She is a native of the great state of California. Check her out on Instagram at @isabelleshee.

Melissa Magdor

Melissa Magdor used to play for the Jacksonville University golf team before graduating. She lived in Florida before that as well, and her other hobbies include hunting and just having an all-around good time with group of friends. Check her out on Instagram @melraemag.

Sierra Brooks

Sierra Brookes is a babe who is on the Florida women’s golf team. She is from Florida and is excited to start her college season in the coming weeks. She had a decorated career prior to Wake Forest and is trying to keep that trend going. You can follow her on Instagram at @sierrabrooks59 to see how her season plays out as well as many other updates about her game.

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