Girls That Golf – November 25, 2019 – Page 6

Mary Blank

Mary Blank is a lover of all things health, fitness and outdoors. Aside from her time in the gym, the Las Vegas-based Blank works as a Platinum Tee Golf Caddie. She chronicles all of her interests on her Instagram @themaryblank.

Kayla Sciupider

Kayla Sciupider is a professional golfer from Rollins College where she graduated in 2015. Athleticism runs in the family as her cousin plays golf for the Notre Damn men’s golf team and her father played lower level college baseball. She hails from North Carolina and will be entering her final year of college golf this season. Check her out at @kaylasciupider on Instagram.

Seema Sadekar

Seema Sadekar is the self-proclaimed “Golf Fashionista.” She excelled playing junior golf and went on the play for the University of Nevada-Las Vegas before playing 5 years on the LPGA Tour. She then branched out into designing apparel and accessories for female golfers. Her vision is to make golf more exciting and more appealing to the masses. Check her out @seemasadekar.

Beatriz Recari

Beatriz Recari is a Spanish professional golfer who plays both on the Ladies European Tour and the LPGA Tour. She is 29 and turned pro in 2005 when she was only 17 years old. She has several successful endorsement deals and is a big advocate of other famous Spanish athletes such as Rafa Nadal. She is always on top of her fitness and wellness in order to stay in top playing shape. Check her out on Instagram at @beatrizrecari.

Kine Olsen

Kine Olsen is a blonde from Los Angeles that is a jack-of-all-trades of sorts. On top of being an avid golfer, she is a competitive cheerleader and has been wildly successful with it; her Norwegian team took home a World Championship in 2014. She takes full advantage of living in LA and plays golf in that area frequently, showing off some of the coastal courses that she plays over at @kineolsen11.

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