Girls That Golf – September 26, 2019 – Page 6

Alex Phillips

Alex Phillips is a Nevada-based golfer, and long drive champion. She has been around sports her whole life and even convinced her sister to join her in long drive competitions. She posts her workouts, and practice sessions on her Instagram, @aphilaphil.

Alicia Odman

Alicia Odman is a lover of all things health and fitness as well as being a pretty solid golfer. She includes all of her interests on her Instagram @aliciaodman. This Swedish golfer is one to keep an eye on.

Lauren Thompson

Lauren Thompson is a TV host for the Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive” as well as their new series “Heart of a Champion.” She also is featured on the NBC Network on weekends for various purposes. She is an avid golfer herself, which helps here when she is in front of the camera. Check out her Instagram for tons of behind the scenes content @laurenthompsongc.

Ashley Maeb

Ashley Maeb is an American amateur golfer who plays most of her rounds in Utah. Being that she lives in Utah, she has a passion and love for winter sports as well, particularly skiing. She is always honing her golf swing both in swing labs and on the course. Give her a follow on Instagram @ashmaeb.

Thanya Pattamakijsakul

Thanya Pattamakijsakul is a student-athlete on the ladies golf team at Texas A&M. Her father introduced her to the game of golf at age 11 in Thailand, where she was born and grew up. She will graduate this year and hopes to take her game to the next level by earning a tour card for one of the major women’s tours. Follow her through her senior season on Instagram @nex.p.

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