Lego Graham DeLaet Is Better At Golf Than You

Now I can check golfing with #GrahamDeLeat off the ol' bucket list.

A video posted by Jared Jacobs (@goldyeller) on

Graham DeLaet is one of the best golfers in the world, so it shouldn’t be too disappointing to know that he’s a better golfer than you. However, knowing a Lego version of the Canadian is probably a better stick than you? That might sting a little more.

Kudos to Jared Jacobs for putting this work of art together. The best part is in the detail. DeLaet’s famous beard is depicted to scale. His caddie, Julien Trudeau, is fairly accurately portrayed as well. And finally, the sound over work is masterful. The “beauty, Graham” after the tee shot is a stroke of genius.



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