Nude Golfers Tee It Up In Northern Australia

The Old Course at St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Augusta National… that’s how a typical golfers’ bucket list reads. Yet “Humpty Doo Golf Course in the nude” turned out to be a bucket list item for members of a nudist colony in Northern Australia. 

Bruce and Julie Jensen of the BruJul Nudist Retreat made the “Wandering Bares” golf event a reality, but not until after some concessions were made.

“We presented the event before the club committee, it took months of negotiating but they finally said we could play naked golf,” Jensen told CNN Sport. “But as it was such a success, I’m going to push to play in those fairways next year. The clubhouse is keen is already trying to schedule us in for next year.”

The only prohibition they placed on the nudist group was that they had to skip the eighth and ninth holes because they were in view of the clubhouse, which the BruJul members were happy to oblige. 

Golfers weren’t completely nude — that’d be crazy — they were wearing golf shoes and hats to protect them from the sun. There were a few other issues that typically are taken for granted on the course that the nudists had to deal with.

“There was one attendee who instead of using a buggy was using his shoulder to carry his clubs, which was a mistake because you can only do that when you are wearing a shirt as it provides a layer of protection,” Jensen said. “Being naked you do not have that protection. He complained about his shoulder being sore, but it was all in good jest.”

In the end, Jensen made the joke many who are reading this story have already thought to themselves: “It puts a different connotation on how you’re swinging.”


ESPN’s Mike Golic and Trey Wingo shared the story on their radio show on Monday.


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