Own the Golf Club from AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the great game of golf, I think of lavish fairways, white sand bunkers and mountains of freshly-cooked crystal meth.

Really? I’m the only one? Weird.

Anyway, we at the Back9Network stumbled upon a nifty memorabilia item from the hit television series “Breaking Bad” that is up for auction on the internets. The starting bid is $1,000.

According to the item’s description, the Adams Golf IDEA hybrid and golf glove come from a scene shot early in the series history:

“A quirky piece from Breaking Bad. Early in the series, producers needed to establish that Gustavo Fring had been acquainted with a Madrigal Electromotive GmbH. So they made a photograph of Gus and the executive golfing. This is the golf club and glove that Gus held in that photograph. It’s a fun piece of memorabilia, perfect for a Breaking Bad fan who loves golf.”

Golf club and glove 600 px

Other “Breaking Bad” items up for auction on ScreenBid.com include Gustavo Fring’s Air Freshner ($100), a “Breaking Bad” Teddy Bear ($1,500), and Skyler White’s Jeep ($7,125).

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