Forty FORE! Golfer Finds Obama’s Lost Ball In Woods

You’d be hard-pressed to find a ball on a course more famous than this one. Yep, more famous than Rory McIlroy’s $5,000-plus ball from the Open Championship (which you could own).

“Larrydoh” on Instagram shared a photo of a ball he found in the woods at Congressional Country Club on Sunday, and it’s stamped with the most presidential mark in the world: “POTUS,” which stands for President of the United States.

“Obama played at Congressional yesterday, and I just found this in the woods off one. Looks like he’s off line again. 44th.”

Not exactly the spot where you’d like to find your president’s ball, but still a great find, nonetheless. I’d imagine “Larrydoh” put that ball in a special place in his bag, not to get mixed up with the rest of his Pro V1s.

I don’t care if it’s a $4, tour-level ball. It should never be hit again.

h/t Scott Gunn

Photo Gallery: Presidential Golfers


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