Parnevik Survives Mountain Climbing, Breaks Rib on a Segway

Jesper Parnevik has been all over the place lately: climbing mountains, hanging out with Lana Del Ray. But now it looks like he won’t be doing much for awhile after breaking his rib in a freak Segway accident. 

Yes, you read that correctly: a freak Segway accident. As he’s been doing with all of his adventures, Parnevik made sure to share this one on Instagram, too: 

It’s good to see that Parnevik could laugh at his misfortune because, really, the poor guy never stood a chance. That Segway was out of control the whole time. He’s lucky it wasn’t worse than a broken rib. People have been known to be killed by those things

Parnevik wasn’t the only one injured in the crash. His buddy’s Segway also suffered some serious damage: 

Hopefully Parnevik gets well soon and gets back on the course. Here’s to a speedy recovery and more adventures that don’t include runaway Segways in the near future! 

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