10 Massive Tour Pro Homes

When you play golf for the big bucks and win, you can afford to live in style. Unfortunately, since we don’t have access to get inside we did the next best thing.

Here are 10 satellite aerial views of massive Tour pro homes.

Tiger Woods – Jupiter Island, Florida

via google maps

Tiger Woods’ house is located on Jupiter Island in Florida, which is an exclusive community, having reportedly the second highest per-capita income of any inhabited place in the U.S.A. HIs 12-acre oceanfront property boasts 10,000 square feet of living space. Tiger originally purchased this place in 2006 for $40 million. He then spent another $20 million demolishing it and building his new dream home. 

The mansion is now reportedly worth $55-60 million. Not much is known about the interior’s amenities, but we can imagine it’s obviously incredible. However, based on what you can see from satellite views, the exterior is ridiculous. It features a 3.5-acre golf course complete with four greens and a short game facility. There is also a tennis/basketball court, and two large pools; a 100-foot lap pool and a 60-foot diving pool. 

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