SxS Giveaway Winners Have Received More Than $2,000 In The Last Month

Swing by Swing has awarded more than $2,000 in gift cards to SxS users just like you in the last month simply for using the app and signing up for Looper.

U.S. Open $1,000 Looper Contest Winner Rupinder Sandu


Name:  Rupinder Sandhu

Home Course:  Lionhead Golf Club, Brampton, ON

Handicap: 18

Favorite Club In Your Bag: Taylormade R7 CGB Max Driver

Favorite Course: Lionhead Legends Course, Brampton, ON

Favorite Tour Player: Tiger Woods

Favorite 19th Hole Drink: Keith’s IPA

Best Shot You’ve Ever Hit: At Royal Woodbine course in Toronto, par 3 220 yards, I hit my 5 wood to within a feet of the hole.

Worst Shot You’ve Ever Hit: Too many to remember. Worst was probably a 7-iron at Eagle’s Nest in Toronto from 150 yards from the middle of fairway. Shanked it so bad that it went out of bounds almost perpendicular to where I was. Still don’t know how I did that.

Why Do You Use SxS?: Great tool, Easy of use, vast database of courses and it is very accurate. Plus I can review my performance after at any time.

What Has Looper Added To Your Golfing Experience?: I use Looper to find distance to the front and back of the green. That tells me how big the green is. Also, to track distance to objects around the green.



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