Another Amazing Golf Trick Video

If you haven’t seen the Bryan Brothers, you need to check them out ASAP. They are gooood.

Here is a super fun video with one of them attaching a GoPro to their head. POV golf tricks — even better!

Another Great Bunker Tip

Next time you’re out in the practice bunker, draw a few lines, and an arrow at your target. This will get your aim correct. Then, open the face and turn the body slightly to the left of the target.

Swing (with the open face) through your body’s alignment and you’ll be sitting pretty on the green.

Hilarious Golf Commentators Quotes

5 Types of Golfers You Never Want Play With

Why You Slice and How to Fix It

Before you fix your slice, you need to know why you do it in the first place.

Here are some examples of why golfers slice, and some key ways to fix the worst problem in golf.

Wow! Did He Really Just Make That Shot?

Here are 10 of the best clutch shots to win on the PGA Tour. These shots don’t account for Majors, but it doesn’t mean it took a lot of guts to beat the pressure (and maybe have a little luck).

The thing that might stick out the most here is Greg Norman. The dude lost 2 tournaments by some crazy shot. However, he did get one back…

Which One of These Fantasy Football Stereotypes Are You?

It’s that time of the year again. The NFL is multiple weeks in and everything is finally getting hot… And it’s also that time of the year where the true colors of your friends shine, via Fantasy Football.

Which one of these stereotypes are you? I bet you could point out a few friends too…

You May Have Not Heard of Him, But He’s Now a World Matchplay Champ

An easy putting drill Tiger uses

Ever see Tiger Woods practice on the putting green? If so, chances are you’ve seen him do this drill…

Grab two tees and set them a putters width apart. Then putt through the tee’s making sure your alignment is straight! Easy, but very important.

Must See: The Most Efficient Way to Pack a Suitcase

Here are a few hidden tricks for the next time you want to pack a suitcase. How cool is that shirt folding technique?