Fix Your Slice Instantly

Here is another great tip on fixing your slice. Use this drill to try to improve your accuracy and lower your scores.

Does It Drive: Hot Head

Back9’s Charles Everett and World Long Drive Champion Mike Dobbyn apply rigorous and experimental scientific techniques to answer the most important question in human history — Does It Drive?

In this episode the team drives a flaming human head—er, a fake head named Carl. He’s unfazed by his ultimate fate, but does he drive?

Does It Drive - Season Two Episodes:
- Does it Drive: Projectile Piñata
- Does It Drive: Gillette Hydra Gel Shaving Cream
- Does It Drive: JELL-O
- Does it Drive: Onyx Moonshine
- Does It Drive: Red Bull

How to Hit a Happy Gilmore Drive

If you haven’t seen the movie Happy Gilmore, drop everything you are doing right now and WATCH IT. If you have, then you know what the ‘Happy Gilmore’ swing is.

7 Magic Tricks You Can Learn in 30 Seconds

Impress your friends with these easy to do magic tricks. The last one is our favorite!

8 Extremely Overrated Ideas in Golf

Do You Rake a Bunker Properly?

A lot of golfers do this wrong. Are you one of them?

Here is the correct way to rake a bunker. No matter what you shoot, you’ll look like a golfer doing this correctly — and all other golfers will thank you.

5-Min Warm-Up Will Improve Your Scores

This 5-minute home warm-up is a good idea before you head out to the golf course. It’ll stretch you out and get you ready for swinging that golf club.

Top 10 Improvised Scenes in Movie History

Did you know that much of what Bill Murray said in the movie Caddyshack was ad-libbed? Some of the more famous scenes in movie history were random.

Check out 10 of the most famous in the video above.

The Most Popular Golf Tweets You Missed this Week

The golf world is alive and well on Twitter, sharing some insight into the lives of the best players on the planet — on and off the course.

This week, Tiger Woods takes a bite out of the Big Apple, the PGA Tour wives turn back the clock and Michelle Wie’s “Legend-ary” adventure.

For all of the popular tweets this week, check out Tweek in Review from Back9Network.

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