Long Drive Champion Has a SUPER POWER Tip

Jamie Sadlowski is a two-time Long Drive Champion. He can drive the ball of 400+ yards!

Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about hitting a golf ball. Here is a good inside-out tip on the swing. Hopefully it will get you hitting straighter and farther shots.

Use Your Wedge as a Mirror

In order to hit a high and soft pitch, you need to make sure your clubface is open enough. If the clubface is closed too much, it will lead to a fat shot.

Here’s an awesome quick tip on using the club as a way to “look in a mirror” and use it to become a better short game player.

10 Funniest Animal Encounters during Play

There have been some funny things caught on tape during the PGA Tour! Here are a few of the best.

3 Putt: The Leading Killer of a Good Round

How many times did you think to yourself after a round, “That would have been a good score if I didn’t putt so many times.”

It happens to the best of us. But, it is one of the leading killers of a good round. Use this tip to help diminish the 3 putt holes and drop scores instantly.

Sports Science Examines 2014 Boston Marathon Winner

The Boston Marathon was this week. Congrats to everyone who raced!

A BIG Congrats to Meb Keflezighi, 38, who passed the finish line in under 2 hours 9 min.

In honor of one of the biggest marathons there is, we take a look at the incredible power behind going the full 26.2 miles. Here Sports Science dives into what makes Meb so incredibly good at long distance running.

Men vs. Women: Driving

Whether you are a man or woman, you can probably appreciate this video.

Here’s a funny look at how a male drives vs. a female. Would you agree with it? Ha!

90% of Golfers Make this Mistake

Did you know that 90% of golfers are slicers at some point early on? 85% of the reason for slicing is because the face of the club isn’t make solid contact. In other words, it’s not leaving at a right angle.

Here’s a great tip on how to fix that slice.

Tricks to Bouncing The Ball On The Clubface

If you haven’t tried to do this golf trick, you need to golf more! Everyone at one point or another tries this… and thanks to Tiger Woods we all have a high bar set.

Here is a fun video on a few tips to the bouncing the ball on the clubface trick.

Kuchar and Westwood Get Well Deserved Wins

Want More Clubhead Speed?

Improve your lag and whip the club through the ball with this drill.