Anna Rawson Gives the Hottest Golf Tip Ever

Anna Rawson has been named one of the hottest women in golf, by multiple publications. But, she’s a pretty good golfer too!

I know, I know… You’re probably not here for that. But, this tip Rawson has on the power draw is actually really helpful. Focus! You’ll learn a thing or two.

Rory: “I Had to Silence a Few Doubters”

Congratulations to Rory McIlroy who won his 3rd major championship on Sunday. McIlroy controlled the tournament all weekend, and is now only the 3rd person to win 3 majors by 25 years of age (behind the greats of Tiger and Jack).

After his big win, Rory sat down with Shane O’Donoghue to discuss winning The Open and his hopes to win a green jacket for the career grand slam.

Master the Uphill Lie

Having issues on that awkward uphill lie? You wouldn’t be the only one. It causes amateurs a lot of trouble.

Make sure your shoulders are parallel to the slope (so your body is at an angle too). Then drop down a club or two. Finally, swing nice and smooth - don’t try to force it.

McIlroy’s Dad Wins Over $100K in 10 Yr Bet

Rory wasn’t the only one to get a payout on Sunday after the Open Championship win. His father, Gerry, and a few of his friends cashed out as well!

In 2014, Gerry McIlroy and some friends place a 200-pound wager ($341) at 500/1 odds that Rory would win the Open Championship by 26-yrs-old. Well, as his son held the Claret Jug yesterday, Gerry and his buddies were over $300,000 richer.

In the Tall Grass? Gross! Here’s how to get out.

We’ve all been there…

Stuff in that high stuff, our ball feeling like it’s never going to come out. We feel like we’re about to pull a Kevin Na and swing 10 times to get out of the bad situation we never intended to be in.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Improve your tall grass play with this helpful tip.

Nike Gives Filmmaker Money for a Movie. He Blows it On Traveling the World Instead

Nike asked Casey Neistat, a filmmaker, to make a movie about what it means to #makeitcount. Instead of trying to come up with an elaborate video, he chose to REALLY make it count. He spend every last dime of the money they gave him and traveled the world for 10 days.

We’d say he made it count. Jealous? I know I am…

10 Most Awkward Moments in Open History

There has been some weird moments in golf, particularly the Open Championship. Everything from crazy shots to naked women kissing Tiger…

So, in honor of the oldest championship, here are the weirdest WTF moments in Open Championship history.

Rory is Rockin’ the Golf World

Rory McIlroy is crushing the field at The Open Championship! He is six shots ahead of the competition at -16.

In honor of the amazing golfer Rory is, here are some of his popular videos showing his God-given talent.

Above is his famous Rory Vs The Robot.

And here is a video of him at the Scottish Open last week hitting a 436 Yard drive!

And if you like the science side of things, check out this Sports Science Video of McIlroy attempting 3 golf challenges. The first one is wild.

Can You Name All the Beatles Members? These Golfers Can’t

The Beatles…

One of the biggest, if not biggest bands in music history.

But, when these superstar golfers are asked to name the 4 guys of the iconic band, they are a bit stumped.

This is pretty entertaining! And we’re glad these guys focus on golf and not music trivia.

Do You Properly Fix a Ball Mark?

A lot of golfers are misinformed about how to fix a ball mark on the green. Doing it the wrong way could lead to broken grass roots, and furthermore, beat up greens.

Try this next time you are out fixing marks.