Want More Solid Strikes? Use the Right Foot Back Drill

If you’re looking to strike the ball more solidly, try this quick tip.

Next time you are out on the range, place your right foot (for a right-hander) back a few steps while placing the majority of your weight on the front foot. It will help you get a feel for weight transfer and more solid contact.

How to Hit a Ball Below Your Feet

We’ve all done it. You land on a hill where the ball is oddly sitting below your feet…

Try this tid-bit to improve your low ball shots.

Eagle! Eagle! Read All About It!

Check out 5 of the best shots of the weekend on the PGA Tour, including Graeme McDowell’s GORGEOUS 213 yard eagle.

21 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle

Not having a bottle opener when all you want is a smooth beer down your throat… well… sucks! But, not anymore. These tips are amazing.

You’re welcome.

10 Things to Remember When You Play a Round of Golf

Bernhard Langer Makes History at the Senior British Open

How Close Should You Stand to the Ball?

Recently I was with a friend, a scratch golfer, hitting golf balls at the range. I was slicing. I was inconsistent. It was frustrating.

My friend, Mike, pointed out that I stand too close to the ball. It always felt comfortable to me to do that, but I took a few steps back. It felt like I was reaching for the ball.

But guess what? It worked! And this tip will work for you too.

Pay attention to if you are too close (or too far) from the golf ball at address.

Kevin King


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What do you think of the new hit?

The Perfect Bump and Run with Stuart Appleby

Here’s a wonderful short game tip from the 17 time PGA winner.

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Apple products have a large following. Many people who buy their computers and phones will always buy them, no matter what the quality.

This proves it, and it’s super funny!