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John Daly Rocks Out During Pro-Am

December 07, 2016  |  by Dan Bier
If you needed another reason why John Daly is the absolute best, he goes and does something like this. During a pro-am on Monday, a gentleman in a golf cart lured the two-time...

John Daly To Team Up With Son In Offseason Event

November 15, 2016  |  by Chris Chaney
John Daly added a new tournament to his schedule this offseason: the PNC Father-Son Challenge at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Grande Lakes in Orlando. Naturally joining him i...

Watch: John Daly Talks Golfing With Trump, Clinton

November 09, 2016  |  by Dan Bier
Last night, Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the United States. Whether John Daly's endorsement helped or not remains to be seen. Earlier this week, Long John...

John Daly Drank Mid-Round During A PGA Tour Event

October 26, 2016  |  by Dan Bier
We've always known John Daly enjoys an alcoholic beverage, or several, on occasion, so this latest news shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. In a clip released from ESPN'...

John Daly's '30 for 30' Trailer Looks Spectacular

October 05, 2016  |  by Dan Bier
If you are familiar with golf, chances are you're familiar with John Daly. The long-hitting, chain-smoking, former alcohol-abusing, two-time major winner and the unofficial sp...

John Daly Gets "Delta'd", Misses Cut

August 13, 2016  |  by Dan Bier
John Daly may be a legend, but even superman isn't prone to flight cancellations. Daly, who normally lives the dream by traveling by bus with a portable jacuzzi from Champion...

John Daly Is Singing Karaoke And Putting One Handed

July 12, 2016
Senior Tour life seems to be fitting John Daly just fine. Between portable jacuzzi's, monster drives and being the biggest draw on the circuit, JD is now entertaining the off ...

John Daly Is Still Crushing The Ball On The Senior Tour

July 08, 2016
As you get older, you start to lose some of your skills. In golf, the trade of age for experience doesn't need to be a dramatic drop off because of the "thinking man" nature o...

John Daly Is Traveling On The Senior Tour In Style

June 27, 2016
There will never be another John Daly. The two-time major champion plays, golfs and lives to the beat of his own drum, so it's no surprise that at 50 years old and traveling t...

John Daly Hit Another Ball From Someone's Mouth

June 19, 2016
John Daly hasn't made the splash many had hoped he would on the PGA Tour Champions five events into his senior tour career. Long John has played in five events making four cut...

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