Golf Joke Of The Day: Monday, November 19th

Joke Of The Day 

Ralph went out for a quick round of golf, and at the first tee, Bill was about to tee off in front of him. Bill took a brand new ball out of his bag placed it on the tee and promptly sliced it  into the trees.

“Damn!” he said.

Bill reached back into his bag and took out another brand new ball and teed it up.


He then hooked it miles into the bushes.

He reached into his bag and took out another brand new ball, teed it up. 

At that point Ralph had seen enough and approached Bill.

“Err, excuse me, but I notice you’re losing a lot of brand new balls. Why don’t you use an old one?” he asked.

Bill looked at Ralph and said, “Because I’ve never had one!”

Protect The Nest

Golf Terminology

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